TransitScreen’s MobilityScore partners with real estate websites

MobilityScore measures transit accessibility.

Enter an address into MobilityScore's website to see a map of nearby transport options.

(Photo courtesy of TransitScreen)

D.C.-based TransitScreen is growing its tool that measures transit availability through a new round of partnerships with national and local real estate firms.

The company launched its MobilityScore feature last year, which offers a 0-100 rating of how accessible transit is from a building. The beta release introduced a new algorithm for the company, which also makes displays showing transit options, including car-and-bikesharing, from a given location.

“MobilityScore is basically everything you see on the TransitScreen quantified into a number,” TransitScreen communications manager Rachel Karitis told DC upon launch. “So for any address, it will tell you how easy it is to get around without a car.”

As a result of new partnerships, the MobilityScore API is now available from the following:

  • Attache – a D.C.-based corporate rental platform.
  • The Bozzuto Group – a Maryland-based experience-focused real estate company
  • 4stay – a DMV-based student housing search platform.
  • Rent Jungle – a national apartment listings aggregator.
Companies: TransitScreen
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