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Where this access-minded events coordinator will be for Philly Tech Week

There are more than 110 events coming up during Philly Tech Week Presented by AT&T, so here's your chance at helping decide where to be. Crib the calendar from Corinne Warnshius, the Events Coordinator and local Girl Develop It co-organizer.

There are more than 110 events on the calendar for the fourth annual Philly Tech Week 2014 presented by AT&T (April 4-12). That’s overwhelming. So with just 8 days until it all goes down, we’ll be sharing the calendar from one of our team members to give you a sense of where you might want to be.

If you’re interested in access issues, social community building and social entrepreneurship, you should follow our Events Coordinator.

NAME: Corinne Warnshuis

OCCUPATION: Events Coordinator

AGE: 26

THINGS I LOVE: accessibility, community building, social entrepreneurship

  • Fri. Apr. 4, Arcade at the Oval: This is going to be the event that brings everyone in the city together. People will remember this one for years to come. Can’t wait to be a part of it.
  • Sat. Apr. 5, Dev Day: Excited to get a sneak peak at all of the hottest trends in the wonderful world of web development. Hoping to learn some skills through osmosis as I run around making sure everything’s running smoothly.
  • Mon. Apr. 7, Tech Mix it Up – A Diversity Networking Affair: This event came from an idea to make PTW more diverse, and that’s a mission very close to my heart. Excited to welcome new faces to the community.
  • Wed. Apr. 9, Blog, Brand, Biz, Buzz: From the sleek look of this event flyer, I am hoping I can pick up some design tips for my own website.
  • Wed. Apr. 9, GDI and Happy Cog: Why Take the Leap? As a co-organizer of Girl Develop It locally, I’m really excited to have the opportunity to engage new members who are interested in learning more about what we do and getting involved in public speaking.
  • Thur. Apr. 10, Exploring Civic Volunteering with Technology: Kickoff for Commit Service Pledge: This event and project highlights one of my favorite things about our local tech community: we give back. Sign up to volunteer a few hours (or more) of your time to help local nonprofits. Come to Urban Apps & Maps to get inspired and learn more about Commit.
  • Thur. Apr. 10, Rad Girls Launch Party: I recently starting contributing to this awesome new website that highlights women in Philadelphia who are doing inspiring work. Excited to meet future contributors and other rad girls at the launch.
  • Fri. Apr. 11, Philly Tech Week Signature Event: Ask anyone and they will tell you: this is the not-to-be-missed tech event of the year. It’s an opportunity to hang out with all of the attendees from the week, imbibe (open bar) and make some new friends…in fancy clothes.
  • Sat. Apr. 12, Women in Tech Summit: This will be my third year at the Summit. I can’t say enough good things about how great this event has been for the women in tech community here. Excited for some great speakers, new faces and community building.
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