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Next week: #Connect2Resources wants to build up your personal network

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The Stimulus team. (Courtesy photo)
This is a guest post by Tiffanie Stanard.

We all know the saying “your network is your net worth.” It means that you should invest in authentic personal and professional relationships because social capital is important. Thankfully, technology can accelerate the process of building your network by starting the relationship online then taking it offline through meetings or events.

But not everyone has the luxury of always meeting the right people at the right time. That’s where Stimulus comes in. Our technology and media company understands that for sustainable social impact we must connect our communities to partners, sponsors, grants and other resources.

This is how Stimulus is adding value. #Connect2Resources is an event series to create new relationships between large organizations and a diverse range of small-medium organizations including technology startups, minority and women-owned businesses.

We are organizing soft launches in cities like Philadelphia, Boston and New York during 2017. If you are familiar with resources such as grants, sponsorships and minority and women-owned business contracts, you might know that every city has their own rules and regulations. So as we continue to develop the technology and expand our team, we wanted to make sure to connect with the community, corporations and city government within those cities.

Our motto is “to simplify the discovery process to resources for anyone, regardless of their personal network.” The #Connect2Resources event allows us to provide hands-on support to discover resources that best fit an organization or to provide access to community recipients that an organization wishes to reach. To sum up, we are building your personal network.

As “Startup in Residence” at the Microsoft Reactor in University City, the Stimulus team is having our second #Connect2Resources event on Monday, May 15, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Our first event brought together over 150 diverse attendees to discuss how to build relationships and learn how to manage monetary and in-kind resources with the organizations that provide them.

Tickets are $10.

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This month’ theme is “technology can bridge the gap between cities.” Attendees will hear from leaders in multiple cities, understand their monetary and in-kind resources, learn how to expand in another city and more.

With partners like AT&T and Microsoft, we will have a multi-city conversation between San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, NYC, D.C. and Philadelphia.

Some of our speakers, include:

  • Kimberly Berger, president and COO of D.C.-based Her Corner

Her Corner is a community of women entrepreneurs supporting each other through networking, resources and education to help grow their women-owned businesses. It plans to launching in Philly.

The mission of the office is to increase the City’s capacity and capability to compete for federal, state and philanthropic sector grants.

Half of ticket sales will go to nonprofit Minorities in Science & Technology (MIST) to help fund their film, Gear Girls, a docuseries and documentary to highlight the past, present and future of minorities in technology.


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