Check out this Drexel-made VR film on a massive dinosaur

Valentina Feldman, a 23-year-old Drexel grad, directed the piece with support from the university's digital media department.

Follow around the 130,000-pound dinosaur in VR.

(Courtesy image)

Dreadnoughtus VR, a five-minute virtual reality film about one of the world’s biggest dinosaurs, was released today on VR media site JauntVR.
The director of the audiovisual piece is 23 year-old Drexel University grad Valentina Feldman, who launched the trailer for the film back in June during the university’s Digital Media Showcase.
During the augmented reality experience, viewers follow Ken Lacovara — the paleontologist who discovered the massive dinosaur in 2014 — as learn about Dreadnoughtus and its might.

One cool nugget from the short film: The titanosaur is heavier than a Boeing 737, nine adult T-rex dinosaurs or 12 African elephants.
The film itself is the result of an 18-month-long production process, which received guidance from Nick Jushchyshyn, program director of animation and visual effects in Drexel’s digital media department.

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