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Channel 28 is (almost) officially the DeTv network

Ivan Thomas acquired the Wilmington cable channel with a City Commission vote. A City Council vote will seal the deal.

Community members await the vote on the fate of Channel 28 in January. (Photo by Holly Quinn)
Update: Details about the forthcoming City Council vote have been added. The headline has also been changed. (2/11, 5:45 p.m.)

It’s been a long and sometimes heated road, but Ivan Thomas, founder of DeTv, is now one big step closer to becoming the operator of Comcast Cable Channel 28 after a Wilmington Cable, Video and Communication Commission recommendation on Monday afternoon. The final vote is forthcoming.

If the vote confirms the recommendation, the Leased Access Preservation Association of Wilmington (LAPA) will no longer operate the channel, which has been in leased access format for decades.

The Commission, which had in the past suggested that the two entities collaborate to run the channel, recommended DeTv, which aims to give people in the community a voice through its programming (which includes shows like “Wake Up Wilmington” and “Millennial Minute“), rather than selling blocks of airtime.

Two weeks ago, the vote was postponed due to missing paperwork. The scene became emotional when supporters of LAPA began to tear into Thomas during the public forum, claiming he was attempting to censor the community.

Monday’s session also included three-minute comments from members of the community, but this time, it was more balanced, with supporters of both sides making their cases.

“More than anything, we would like to amplify the voice of the community, not take away from it,” said Thomas, when he took to the podium.

DeTv plans lots of new, high-production-value programming will be broadcast on the channel, including local children’s programming, sports, and arts and music programming, among other things. Members of the community can suggest programs and give feedback on programming ideas the DETV Facebook page.

DETV also has a web presence.

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