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Carvertise gears up for biggest year yet, and that includes a ton of kale

A year's supply of kale, a year of advertising with the Delaware State Housing Authority and an unknown amount of time of expanding to Philly are all part of the plan.

This nice bowl of kale could be yours today and every day for a year. We'll explain. (Photo by Flickr user Laurel F, used under a Creative Commons license)

Carvertise founder Mac Nagaswami has high hopes for the growth of his business this year.
“2016 is going to be a big year for us,” he said. “Why? We’ve raised capital, brought on a round of employees and now we’ve got all the pieces of the puzzle. … Now we can do serious development.”
The advertising-via-ordinary-car company has grown from Nagaswami and his cofounder, Greg Star, to seven full-time and four part-time employees. As Carvertise has a handful of campaigns in the works for Delaware, the two cofounders are now looking to expand the business’ horizons.
“My New Year’s resolution is to spend half of my waking hours in Philadelphia,” Nagaswami said. He’s starting with a 30-car campaign for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and he’s also looking at working with Delaware’s tourism office, which would require cars riding outside of the state.
While expanding to Philadelphia is his most immediate goal, he also plans to eventually expand to a national level.
But let’s not forget about Delaware, where business is picking up. Here are some of Carvertise’s latest notable deals:

  • A 20-car kale contest in partnership with ShopRite. That’s right, you hipsters, you vegans, you health nuts. Your hour has come. Here’s how you could win a year’s worth of daily kale: Between now and the end of May, snap a photo of a car that’s been wrapped with a bright green ad for ShopRite’s LiveRight campaign (there are reportedly a bunch cruising the Brandywine and Route 202 corridor). Then post it to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #liverightshoprite. Nagaswami noted you can only enter once, and Carvertise and ShopRite will choose a winner.
  • For five months starting in February, 20 cars will advertise UD’s College of Health Sciences.
  • The Delaware State Housing Authority will have Carvertise cars riding around for a year — the lengthiest campaign yet for the business — that’s also starting in February. It’ll promote home ownership.
  • Sometime later this year there’ll be a 20-car campaign for Discover Bank.
Companies: Carvertise / University of Delaware

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