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CareAlign’s in-hospital workflow platform is about to be applied to telemedicine

With a new partnership, the four-year-old company is taking its operations outside the Philly region for the first time.

CareAlign's platform. (Courtesy photo)

Healthcare companies must keep up with the quickly changing market, adapting when something like, say, a pandemic pushes even more care online.

That adaptability is top of mind for founder Subha Airan-Javia, who leads Philly-based workflow platform maker CareAlign’s 20-person team. The company is stepping into a new midwestern market with its first telehealth partnership.

The RealLIST Startups 2021 honoree streamlines communication of patient info with digitized clinical workflows. Up until this partnership, Airan-Javia told, the tool was built mostly with hospital settings in mind. Now, in a partnership with RemoteMDER, they’re taking the tech tools to a telehealth setting, where patients are meeting with clinicians virtually.

“RemoteMDER has always worked to provide care in remote areas with limited access,” said John Kosmeh, that company’s president. “With CareAlign, we are excited to be able to access patient charts in real-time so collaboration and documentation becomes faster and easier and the possibility of errors is minimized.”

RemoteMDER is based in the south, but operates mostly in the midwest. The partnership will bring CareAlign’s tech outside of Pennsylvania and Delaware, where it’s been operating, and into a new market for the first time, Airan-Javia said.

Hospital use case is still strong. But it's exciting entering the virtual care and value-based markets.

In this setting, CareAlign’s platform will be used to integrate data visualization, task management and document generation into RemoteMDER‘s work, to optimize care in the nursing and acute care facilities the company operates in. The platform’s aim is in cutting down the time doctors spend filing notes, and keeping a patient’s care plan in one organized place.

Airan-Javia said that the two companies were connected via a colleague who knew RemoteMDER was building a strategy around urgent care around nursing homes in rural areas. They suggested the two companies could be complementary, as many rural care facilities could use more efficient tools for virtual care.

Many senior care facilities also do not have the same electronic health records as telemedicine clinicians, which can lead to inefficiencies like relying on faxes and phone calls to transfer patient information, Airan-Javia said. CareAlign’s platform allows all clinicians on the care team to view the patient chart simultaneously, seeing real-time updates as they are made.

At the end of 2021, the Philly company closed a round of a little more than $2 million, and is planning on raising a Series A next year. CareAlign also recently updated some features around how clinicians code diagnoses and pull in notes. Airan-Javia said the platform is still very relevant for in-person care, but she’s excited to see what it can do in a remote setting.

“Hospital use case is still strong,” Airan-Javia said. “But it’s exciting entering the virtual care and value-based markets.”

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