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Brainsy launches a new platform to bring reward incentives to curated online communities

A Brainsy-powered community deploying the new Engagement Dividend Reward Toolset, called Brainsy E.T., will reward users for their engagement, activities and tasks completed.

Brainsy CEO Brian Christie (left) with Operations & Marketing Associate Hieu Tran. (Courtesy photo)

Washington, D.C.–based Brainsy is launching a new platform extension called the Engagement Dividend Reward Toolset, or Brainsy E.T., that will reward social media users for their engagement, activities and tasks completed in the form of any fiat currency, custom token, cryptocurrency or complementary currency.

“Today’s social media giants are merely digitizing an archaic newspaper publishing model, but replacing original content with user generated content and the financial benefits accrue only to these modern day ‘publishers,’ their shareholders, and advertisers,” Brainsy CEO Brian Christie said in a statement. “Brainsy believes the winning business model of the future will follow a cooperative rewards model whereby everyone that creates value – by engaging, sharing knowledge, or contributing personal data – can get paid.”

The startup helps trade organizations and other niche groups put together networks of commentary-ready experts through “Who’s Who” guides, Expert Communities Online (ECO) and Expert Calling Networks (ECNs). One of Brainsy’s communities will deploy the patented online platform. This announcement comes two weeks after the company launched a new online vertical called Who’s Who in Ophthalmology to showcase and connect people in the industry.

Samson Williams, a partner at Axes and Eggs, said that new platform has the potential to disrupt the landscape of today’s social media with its ties to blockchain-based transactions, bringing a new level of transparency to internet-based content commerce.

“I have participated in a beta of the program on the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) Expert Community Online and expect the wider rollout will be well received by everyone. Curated communities of professionals is the future of professional and consumer engagement. So I’m excited to be part of this growing community,” Williams said in a statement.

Brainsy will begin a broader rollout of Brainsy E.T. in selected online communities during the first quarter of this year. If organizations or companies are interested in deploying a Brainsy-powered reward community, they can inquire directly with the company’s team.


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