DC mapping companies partner to provide a clearer picture of the landscape

Open source GIS company Boundless is incorporating Mapbox's technology into its platform.

Boundless Photo via Facebook

Boundless is making moves in the GIS marketplace with a new partnership.

Boundless is an open source GIS (geographical information system technology) platform that enables its users to analyze patterns and relationships by pinpointing different kinds of location based data on a single map. The New York-based company has an office in Dupont Circle.

Imagine your tech business is looking to expand into a storefront. With GIS technology, your business can map out the targeted demographics of your consumers over a geographic region. That way when it’s time to draft up a lease, your business is exactly where it needs to be.

Boundless separates itself by conglomerating the open source GIS information into an easily accessible and scalable platform for businesses, without the high costs of other proprietary solutions.

This morning, they announced today their new partnership with Mapbox, a leading location data and mapping platform for developers that recently opened a new D.C. headquarters.

“Partnering with Mapbox has been phenomenal and will only add value to our users,” Andy Dearing, CEO of Boundless said in a statement. “Making this data and content easily accessible through the Boundless ecosystem allows for significant productivity gains and unparalleled flexibility to our customers.”

According to their latest press release, Boundless customers now have access to Mapbox’s extensive platform of basemaps including:

  • Mapbox Streets
  • Mapbox Outdoors
  • Mapbox Light & Dark
  • Mapbox Satellite
  • Mapbox Satellite Streets

This Mapbox content is accessible through Boundless’ Suite and Exchange subscriptions, as well the new Boundless Desktop 1.1.  Key features of the latest update include not only include access to Mapbox’s technology, but also new image discovery and terrain analysis tools.

The new partnership naturally calls for a celebration, which Boundless and Mapbox took to heart with a throwback party last night.

However, Mapbox isn’t the only mapping software program recently added to Boundless’ team. At the end of May, Planet and Boundless announced a partnership.

So why does Boundless look to new strategic partnerships for mapping technology instead of building it themselves?

“At Boundless we firmly believe in innovation through integration. We would rather integrate best-of-breed capabilities from the technology world into our platform, rather than try and build it ourselves,” VP of Product Anthony Calamito told,

By saving the company time and resources and conglomerating the best in mapping technology into one source for consumers, Calamito said that “the real winner is the GIS analyst who can get access to quality data faster, and can focus their efforts on solving their real business problems immediately.”


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