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Bob Moul’s latest gig is leading data intelligence company Circonus

The company's new machine data intelligence platform can handle analytics on a wide range of machines — “anything from servers to robots,” serial CEO Moul said.

Circonus CEO Bob Moul. (Photo courtesy of Circonus)

We hadn’t heard much from serial CEO Bob Moul since he was last promoting his #TEaCH campaign for tech education in public schools. That’s why we took notice when the email about a previously unknown-to-us company called Circonus hit our inbox.

Moul took over the Fulton, Maryland-based data intelligence company as CEO in April, it turns out. The move comes after past lives leading several local tech companies, including Cloudamize and Boomi, to exit.

And the reason for the email: This week, Circonus announced a new product, a machine data intelligence platform called Circonus Platform. Moul said the release of the platform comes from about six to 12 months of work on existing data analytics offerings from the company, namely existing Circonus IRONdb time-series database.

The Circonus Platform can tap into various machines’ data and analyze it for its customers. Think: “anything from servers to robots,” Moul told

The platform can ingest large amounts of machine data, and apply analytics that business can use to optimize their products or services. And it’s applicable with essentially any kind of machine-based technology, the company said.

Recently, Moul said, the Major League Baseball organization has been testing out the platform to assist in analyzing its sports statistics and sports betting. A gas company is also using the platform to optimize fracking operations.

“As the number of connected devices multiplies and data production costs plummet, it is unleashing data volumes that can overwhelm an enterprise, but that can also create an entirely new source of competitive advantage if harnessed,” the company said in its announcement. “The ability to tap into this ocean of data, monitor and analyze it in real time, and collect and store it in such a way that it can be mined at will is at the heart of machine data intelligence.”

The platform is available in software form (Saas), and offers a dashboard of analysts and APIs, but the company has also created some private iterations for specific companies.

Right now, Circonus has about 25 employees split across the Philadelphia region, in Maryland and across the world in remote positions, Moul said.

Eventually, more and more of the business operations will be concentrated here in the Philly area; Moul currently works in Radnor. And while engineers and other tech-related roles can continue to be remote, the company is aiming to have “more permanent space” via a local office at some point in 2020.

The CEO said he’s excited about the potential for accessed information that the Circonus platform offers.

“Were living in a world where the number of computers and machine data is increasing exponentially,” Moul said, “and we’ve increased our ability to handle that extreme scale of information.”

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