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Bluecadet opened a NYC office to access that NYC talent

The six-person team is the firm's first out-of-market beachhead.

At Bluecadet's Manhattan office. (Courtesy photo)

Bluecadet, the Fishtown-based agency, announced their first expansion. Spoiler alert: it ain’t in Center City.
Nestled in Manhattan’s swanky Chelsea neighborhood, Bluecadet’s newest office houses a six-person team that will join forces with the Philly-based crew of 43.
In addition of the obvious benefit of reaching out to a broader client base, Josh Goldblumthe studio’s founder and CEO, said tapping into the talent pool weighed heavily in the decision to branch out.
“We often found people who had great cultural fit but I wasn’t able to hire them because they had to relocate,” said Goldblum. “I did my hardest to get them to move to Philly but they had deep New York roots.”
We’ve heard a version of this many times, usually when it comes to suburban tech companies opening an office in Philadelphia proper.

New York has yielded work before for Bluecadet, but this formal play for the Big Apple has already brought more proposals for the team, including current projects underway for The New York Public Library and The Gates Foundation.
“We’ve been doing a ton of work there. I’m out there once a week,” Goldblum said.

Bluecadet's NYC crew.

Bluecadet’s NYC crew. (Courtesy photo)

Goldblum said more growth will also come to the OG location in Philly, located in the 1500 block of Frankford Ave., which has seen the latest period of growth in Blucadet’s trek from a team of three to almost 50.
“I’ve always been pretty appreciative of Philly and being here has given us a leg up in the market,” he said.
Oh, and before we wrap this up, Goldblum had one more piece of Philly-relevant news: next month, he’ll be leaving the local iteration of  Creative Mornings, the monthly breakfast-and-speaker series he spearheaded, on account of the growth from Bluecadet and a child that’s on the way (!).
But don’t worry: as of November the series will continue in Philly, led by Brownstein Group’s Erica Nardello and Moore College of Art and Design’s Laris Kreslins.

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