Biotech startup Plasmonix raises $230K in equity [Startup Roundup]

This is the Startup Roundup. Every Wednesday morning, Baltimore will put together the smaller pieces that make up our startup ecosystem.

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who’s getting funded?

OpenPage Labs, a software startup based in Butcher’s Hill, has raised $967,534 in debt, according to SEC filings.
Plasmonix, based out of the bwtech@UMBC incubator, has raised $231,069 in equityaccording to SEC filings. The biotech company specializes in metal-enhanced fluorescence used in cell detection for medical research. Plasmonix received $100,000 out of the $84 million InvestMaryland fund in late 2012.

who’s making moves?

Illness-mapping startup Sickweather has released its first iOS app. Baltimore has reported multiple times on Sickweather, including how the startup predicted 2012’s early flu season six weeks ahead of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Cofounder of Sickweather Graham Dodge said via e-mail that the app includes three features new to the Sickweather interface:

  • Geofenced proximity alerts about close-by illnesses
  • An option to view illnesses by groups (i.e. respiratory, gastrointestinal, environmental, childhood)
  • Annotations for illness markers, which provide users more information when tapped

Download the free Sickweather app for iOS.


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