Baltimore Innovation Week

Baltimore Innovation Week 2013: 45+ events, 80+ partners, 4k+ attendees

This year, we saw a huge increase in participation from our inaugural year in 2012, with 5,500 people attending more than 45 events organized with help from 80 partners and sponsors.

The view at past Station North Arts and Entertainment Inc. events at Penn Station Plaza featuring the Gathering. A similar event kicks off Baltimore Innovation Week 2013.
Full Disclosure: Baltimore is the lead organizer of Baltimore Innovation Week.

More than 4,000 people took part in the second annual Baltimore Innovation Week at the end of September, in partnership with many great organizations throughout the region. Full disclosure, we at Baltimore helped lead the big open calendar of events.
Find a wrap video and some outcomes of the week below.
This year, we saw a huge increase in participation from our inaugural year in 2012, with nearly 4,500 people attending more than 45 events organized with help from 80 partners and sponsors.
Some of the exciting happenings during BIW13 included:

Baltimore Innovation Week received sponsorship support from TEDCO, the Maryland Institute College of Art, the Warnock Foundation, the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship, the Emerging Technology Centers,, SmartLogic, apigee and MyCity4Her.
Here are a few results from a brief attendee survey: (you can still give your answers here)
  • 45 percent of participants fell into the age range of 21-29. The next largest age group represented was 30-39 with 26 percent.
  • 61 percent of participants found out about Baltimore Innovation Week from Baltimore. 32 percent of participants cited “word of mouth” as their source, including 1 in 5 — 22 percent, to be exact — who found out about the week or another event from one they were attending.
  • 25 percent of participants attended one event during the week, while 23 percent attended two, and 16 percent attended as many as 5.
  • The most attended type of event was in the Business (Entrepreneurship/Investment) track, with 58 percent of participants answering they had attended Business events. The next most attended track was Dev (Design/Development (48 percent), with Access (Access/Policy) coming in at third with 38 percent.
  • 76 percent of participants answered that the quality of events during Baltimore Innovation Week was best described as “Great programming, great speakers and networking experience. Would recommend to a friend.”
  • 64 percent felt that Baltimore Innovation Week “brought attention to Baltimore’s technology community locally” while 29 percent believed it brought attention to the tech community nationally and locally.
  • 50 percent reported that they were unable to attend all the events they had hoped to because there were too many events to attend. 43 percent were able to make it to all the events they wanted to attend.
We are still accepting responses, so please fill out the quick BIW13 Survey and help us improve for next year.
We can’t wait for another awesome Baltimore Innovation Week in 2014!

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