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Baer op-ed: How women in tech can stay professional, successful

Tech consultant Merritt Baer wrote an op-ed for the Baltimore Sun. Hear more from her Monday as part of Baltimore Innovation Week's Women In/Tech event.

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In a Baltimore Sun op-ed, tech consultant Merritt Baer says women should be assertive and unapologetic, and not stoop to stereotypes.

•Don’t bake brownies. You’re not a Girl Scout troop leader at work, don’t act like one.

•Don’t use exclamation points in email correspondence. Just try it: “Thanks.” Periods work just fine and project a more professional tone. Exclamation points can come across as juvenile.

•Never say “I’m sorry, but…” before a request. “I’m sorry, but I never got the attachment you sent.” You’re not sorry — you didn’t do anything wrong. Delete that phrase from your vocabulary unless you are writing an apology note.

By the way, this is as good a time as any to point out that Baer will be speaking at Monday’s Women In/Tech forum, part of Baltimore Innovation Week.


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