Aperiomics is expanding its pathogen testing tech to Latin America

The Sterling, Virginia-based biotech startup is partnering with labs in Ecuador and Colombia to collect samples from patients to administer its Xplore-Patho test.

Here's how Aperiomics is fighting infectious diseases.

(Photo by Pixabay user geralt, used under a Creative Commons license)

Sterling, Virginia-based biotech startup Aperiomics announced that it has signed partnership deals with references laboratories serving Ecuador and Colombia, expanding its Xplore-Patho tech to Latin America.

Aperiomics uses genomic analysis and machine learning to detect every known pathogen from a sample of any nature in just one test. The startup reports that its Xplore-Patho tech can “accurately identify more than 37,000 microorganisms including over 12,000 clinically relevant pathogens.”

These are Aperiomics first partnerships outside of the U.S., where it will allow medical services providers Centro de Investigación Microbiológica (CIM) in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and Colfarh S.A.S, based in Medellín, Colombia, to collect samples from patients for Xplore-Patho testing.

“Around the world, millions of people suffer needlessly with infections that go undiagnosed,” said Dr. Crystal Icenhour, CEO of Aperiomics, in a statement. “This deal is important to Aperiomics, but it’s just as important to clinicians and patients in Colombia and Ecuador, who are now better equipped to pinpoint the cause of debilitating infections.”

Clinicians will collect either a urine, fecal or spinal fluid sample to send Aperiomics to conduct the Xplore-Patho test, comparing the sample with its database of pathogens. The biotech startups will share results with those clinicians for them to make decisions on the best course of treatment if the test indicates the presence of any known infectious microorganism.

Dr. C. Alexander Valencia, chief clinical officer at Aperiomics, said that the startup will be offering Latin American customers and clinicians full-service Spanish-language support, like consultations and test result analyses, through these partnerships.

“We are dedicated to the advancement of innovative medical technologies, namely, personalized medicine,” said John Jairo Duke, manager at Colfarh S.A.S. “Working with Aperiomics, we are able to bring a proven diagnostic tool to market in Colombia and look forward to empowering clinicians throughout the country to provide precision care to patients who are suffering from infectious diseases.”

Aperiomics was born out of George Washington University in 2014 by cofounders Icenhour, President Dr. Keith Crandall, CTO Dr. Yuan Chen, Dr. Evan Johnson and Dr. Eduardo Castro-Nallar. The company currently has 11 employees working out of its 4,700-square-foot Sterling office. This partnership news comes after the startup closed a $1.8 million Series A funding round in August.


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