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These Howard County cybersecurity companies formed a biz partnership

Elkridge's Atlantic Data Forensics and Columbia-based Bricata are teaming up on digital forensics and incident response.

Howard County is known for its concentration of cybersecurity companies, and now the proximity is a factor in the formation of a strategic partnership between two of the firms.

Through the strategic partnership, Elkridge-based Atlantic Data Forensics (ADF) will use network security tools from Columbia-based Bricata.

ADF specializes in digital forensics and incident response, which is the use of forensics for cybersecurity purposes. ADF assists with responses to data breaches, insider threats or suspected malicious network activity.

Bricata is one of the tools used by ADF, providing the responders with a look at network activity, as well as detecting any malicious files or threats.

“Their team heard about our product and was intrigued by the way Bricata had stitched multiple detection technologies together on a single platform,” Bricata CEO John Trauth said. ADF has been a client of Bricata for more than two years. ADF CEO Brian Dykstra said that Bricata’s console is “the best we have seen regarding the ability to manage and maintain a large distributed network of sensors.”

Now the relationship is expanding as Bricata’s product matured and evolved. Specifically, Trauth said the product is useful for digital forensics and incident response. So ADF provides expertise, while Bricata brings the tech tools. Here’s how it works now:

“When Atlantic Data Forensics is helping clients with DFIR services, it recommends Bricata, which is a product they already know and use, to those clients who are struggling with outdated or cobbled together home-grown detection solutions,” Trauth said.

Trauth said the ability to partner locally was important to the companies.

“Even in this modern digital world, the ability to collaborate face-to-face still has advantages. It’s a credit to the ecosystem of cybersecurity investment, innovation, research and talent – in Maryland and Howard County,” he said.


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