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7 biz resources we learned about at Super Meetup Philly 2019

Peep these professional programs and open jobs from JPMorgan Chase, HealthVerity, Saul Ewing and more.

Networkin' at Philly Super Meetup 2019.

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Full disclosure: All companies listed in this article are marketing or hiring sponsors of Super Meetup Philly.

Super Meetup took Cherry Street Pier by storm this August: More than 700 attendees made connections with 20+ meetup groups and nearly 20 sponsors.

One of the questions that I was asked often during the event was “How do I find out more information about the companies after the event?”

With that question, we decided to highlight some of the new things and resources we learned about companies that showed up and supported Super Meetup:

Financing available for startups

One of our newest event sponsors, Brex, created a business credit card for startups. It has all of the bells and whistles to help improve the financial position of young companies, including 60 days to pay your bill without interest, dynamic limits and virtual cards. Brex has a special offer for Super Meetup attendees: Learn about it here.

The power of the earth

Did you know that 84% of the planet has access to electricity, but of this group, only 15% has access to renewable forms of it? Inspire is working to change that. Inspire works by using the power of the wind to provide clean energy to homes and businesses throughout the nation. If you’re interested in that power and impact, learn more here.

Jobs, jobs, jobs

In doing research for this piece, I was astounded by how many positions JPMorgan Chase has available in our region. If you’re looking for technology experience within the banking industry, JPMorgan is a good company to check out. See all of its openings here.

Healthcare tech is growing in Philly

One of the things we all need as humans is healthcare. HealthVerity exists to build the next generation of technologies to enable connectivity, transparency and privacy management for healthcare and consumer data. Its team is hiring over 20 technologists to work in Philly. Check out open positions here.

AI for knowledge sharing

Guru is a knowledge network that knows when, how and where to deliver knowledge to you without you needing to look for it. With Guru, you don’t just manage your knowledge; you create a network out of the company’s collective intelligence. Pretty cool stuff, right? It has a great HQ location and is hiring, too! Check out open positions here.


The cool office space in Old City

Linode’s completely renovated headquarters in Philadelphia is in the heart of Old City. We hosted our Philly Tech Week kickoff party there in May and the community loved it. On top of the beautiful building that it occupies, it does great work: One of the world’s first and largest open source-focused cloud hosting providers, you likely frequent a website or use an application that wouldn’t exist without it. Check out open positions here.

Mentorship opportunities available

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr’s diverse attorneys and staff are encouraged to create a culture in which different viewpoints are sought, heard and respected. They also have mentoring and education opportunities available to our community with their Resources, Access and Mentoring Program. Learn more here.


I hope this short resource list can assist your post-Super Meetup networking. Let us know if you have any questions —

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