These 11 Delaware companies made 2019’s Inc. 5000

Empire Flippers is the state's highest scorer on the list of fastest-growing companies, ranking #726.

Who's got the growth?

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This year’s Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies has been released to public, representing 49 states (sans Alaska), the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Delaware is represented by 11 companies — the same as last year, which saw a drop compared to 2017’s 16 companies, after a steady incremental rise in 2015 and 2016.

Another downer is that Delaware doesn’t have any companies in the top 100 — or even the top 500 — this year. Last year, Homestar Remodeling sat at 53 after a nearly 5,000% growth spurt; this year, the company ranks at 1,301, and the highest ranked Delaware company is website brokerage Empire Flippers at 726; it, too dropped, from 583 in 2018.

CGC Consulting, Keystone Funding and AR solutions entered the list, TECSPLUS, Extreme Scale Solutions and Tangentia dropped off.

Chesapeake Plumbing and Heating hit the five-year club, and Placers hit six years on the list.

Here’s the full list of Delaware’s Inc. 5000 companies:

  1. Empire Flippers (726) 
    Growth: 604%
    Industry: Business Products & Services 
  2. CGC Consulting (817)
    Growth: 524%
    Industry: Engineering
  3. Keystone Funding (1,259)
    Growth: 328%
    Industry: Real Estate
  4. HomeStar Remodeling (1,301)
    Growth: 317%
    Industry: Construction
  5. ShipSound (1,479)
    Growth: 279%
    Industry: Retail
  6. Careerminds (2,455)
    Growth: 162%
    Industry: Business Products & Services
  7. AR Solutions (3,000)
    Growth: 124%
    Industry: IT Management
  8. Chesapeake Plumbing & Heating (3,091) 
    Growth: 120%
    Industry: Construction 
  9. Placers (3,195)
    Growth: 114%
    Industry: Human Resources
  10. Karins and Associates (3,546) 
    Growth: 99%
    Industry: Engineering
  11. The Siegfried Group (3,752) 
    Growth: 91%
    Industry: Financial Services


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