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10 mind-blowing space tweets from a Baltimore-born astronaut

For the second mission in a row, an astronaut from the Baltimore area is on the International Space Station. Get to know @AstroTerry, aka Terry Virts.

Terry Virts aboard the International Space Station. (Via Twitter)
Baltimore is well represented in space these days.

A Johns Hopkins-built probe is heading for the edge of the solar system and — back in mere low-Earth orbit — area humans are also holding down a presence in the final frontier.
For the second mission in a row, an astronaut from the Baltimore area is representing NASA aboard the International Space Station.
Terry Virts, a 47-year-old Columbia native, arrived at the station Nov. 23 as part of a space-exploring trio that also includes a Russian cosmonaut and Italian astronaut. They also brought along an espresso machine.
The latest team replaced a crew that included Cockeysville native Reid Wiseman. Along with local pride, Wiseman also captivated Twitter with his photos looking back at Earth.
Virts is continuing the photographic journey on his Twitter account. Not even a month in, he already has some wondrous pictures.
Here are our ten favorites so far:

➉ North of the northern lights

Virts’ view gives him dazzling views of auroras. He has fittingly referred to the natural light displays as “ghosts,” as they’re equally haunting and hypnotizing.

➈ Shoutout to Baltimore No. 1

Even though he’s far away, Virts isn’t forgetting about his hometown. He’s offered a couple perspectives of Baltimore so far, including the city at night, and what it looks like as planes carve up the clouds overhead (underfoot?).

➇ Shoutout to Baltimore No. 2

➆ Desert lights

Lights at night appear to form their own constellations. This might look like Coruscant, but it’s actually Earth.

➅ Unabashed trans-Atlanticism

Virts also brings a European sensibility. He seems to be a big fan of Italy, but these photos of Northern Europe (with auroras) also dazzle.

➄ Lava-looking London

➃ Storm chasing

Soon after Virts arrived, Typhoon Hagiput began to threaten the Philippines. The storm eventually weakened, even though it didn’t look it from space.

➂ More storm chasing

Even smaller thunderstorms are impressive, showing clouds’ glorious dimensions.

➁ Everyday poetry

Among many tasks, the International Space Station sends satellites into orbit. Here’s a SpinSat after one such launch.

➀ Sunsets

Sorry, Instagrammers. Terry has you beat.

Companies: NASA / Twitter

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