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5 women-created spaces on Horizon Worlds to explore this Women’s History Month

Cherry blossoms, warriors and a space park are some of our favorite virtual places to explore this March.

FairyWebMother's Space Garden on Horizon Worlds. (Screenshot by Holly Quinn)
It’s Women’s History Month, when we honor women innovators from the past to the present.

To kick it off, explored some of Horizon Worlds’ most interesting, fun and therapeutic worlds by women creators.

To visit these virtual reality worlds, you’ll need Meta’s Quest headset and the free Horizon Worlds app installed. While the below video and photos don’t match the experience of exploring them in VR, we have pictures and some videos to give everyone a taste of the developing metaverse.

Here are five favorites:

Woman Creators of Web3 by RhondaX+

Web3 is the umbrella term for the next phase of the internet, including AI, crypto and the metaverse. This world, created for a Woman Creators of Web3 event, is a great jumping off point, since it contains dozens of portals to other worlds created by women.

Women Creators of Web3 Screenshot

(Screenshot by Holly Quinn)

Warrior Woman Park by CapricornRising83+

This interactive world is watched over by larger-than-life warrior women. Throughout the space, you’ll find bracelets that you can put on and, with a press on the controller’s trigger, fly above the world. You can even land on the statues for a closer look.

FairyWebMother’s Space Garden by FairyWebMother

Atmospheric “space garden” with lots do do, including riding on a cloud, a scavenger hunt and interacting with a space sea serpent, as well as area to decompress and meditate. For an interesting view of this world, check out musician Abby Rose performing her song “Another Day With You” in the Space Garden:

Time by JP_Cloud

Creator JP_Cloud says that this kinetic space world was created to help her manage her mental health. It may be a little disorienting at first, but Time is an immersive visual experience that can help with meditation and deep breathing, or you can create your own temporary art by using the virtual crayons to draw in the air.

Hanami by Eemit

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of cherry blossom viewing (Hanami), this world offers a stroll through a park during the brief cherry blossom bloom, with a virtual picnic and a view of Mount Fuji. There are lots of activities, including a selfie station, interactive music area and dragon rides. When you finish tasks you’ll find portals to new areas of the serene world.

Eemit made a YouTube walkthrough of the world:


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