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Wham City Lights featured on ‘America’s Got Talent’ [VIDEO]

Audience members used the interactive light-show app during opera trio Forte's rendition of "The Prayer."

Homegrown light-show app Wham City Lights hit another milestone this week when it appeared on the popular television show “America’s Got Talent.”
Audience members used the app during opera trio Forte’s rendition of “The Prayer.”
Watch Wham City Lights in action during this week’s “America’s Got Talent,” the widely viewed, nationwide reality talent show:

The app, which produces a multi-colored light show on smartphones via ultrasonic frequencies blasted over concert PA systems, was launched one year ago by Baltimore musician Dan Deacon and several other cofounders. Since then, it’s been used by Deacon at his shows, as well as by country musician Brad Paisley and by major companies like Intel.
Download Wham City Lights for iOS and Android.

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