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Want to learn about blockchain, crypto and Web3 in Philly? Start here

These meetup groups, events and other resources to get the basics down and mingle with other Web3 folks.

An illustration representing the decentralized nature of blockchain. (Photo by Flickr user ladislau.girona, used under a Creative Commons license)

This editorial article is a part of Web3 Month of's 2022 editorial calendar.

When you think of Web3, you’re probably thinking cryptocurrencies, NFTs, privacy and some metaverse-adjacent topics — and you’re right. Whether you’re a newbie trying to learn more about those complicated topics or more experienced and looking to connect with fellow enthusiasts, Philly has a number of resources to check out.

Below, find useful resources, talks, people, events and community groups to know if you want to learn more.

We know these technologies will only become more prevalent, and although our Web3 Month is wrapping up, reporting on these topics will continue here at Know of a resource that we missed? Let us know by sending a note to and we’ll add it to the list.

Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets

The Wharton School jumped into blockchain hard last fall when it announced a six-week certificate program designed for business and tech pros who are interested in learning about blockchain protocols, assets such as stablecoins, valuations and investing, and the like.

Naturally, the school allows its students to pay tuition with cryptocurrency, as they learn about end-to-end of current blockchain technology and its digital assets through different use cases, the school said. Students dive into the role of regulation in blockchain technologies, its costs and benefits, and how it’s valued and structured, as well as how to chose the right blockchain network for different applications.

Defi Philly

This newly launched group, which plans on hosting a convention in Philadelphia in July, covers all things blockchain. The conference will have two tracks — technical and business — with workshops, panels and networking curated to each. The group started a newsletter earlier this month, so far covering the basics of blockchain and how to buy Bitcoin.

Philadelphia Technology for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

This meetup is for anyone interested in blockchain or crypto, ranging from pros working in the industry to folks who just want to learn the basics. The group holds regular events, including this casual recurring one — Coffee and Crypto at the Giant at 23rd and Arch Streets.

PA Blockchain Coalition

The nonprofit PA Blockchain Coalition was formed in 2021 by Dominic Folino, John Cox and Lara Coviello with a goal to educate legislators and Pennsylvanians about the importance of blockchain. The group is a bipartisan effort, and leaders say they’ve met with elected officials to educate them on blockchain-related ideas. It aims to make statewide connects, throw events and grow its network of blockchain advocates as Web3 technologies become more pertinent.

NFT Philly

The aptly named NFT enthusiast group is for folks interested in how tech and art meet in the world of Web3. The group is hosting an event April 7 called “Falling Down the NFT Rabbit Hole” at From the Future offices in Northern Liberties.

Philadelphia Ethereum Meetup

This group is for anyone interested in Ethereum, Solidity smart contract programming, decentralized application and the like. It hasn’t hosted an event since the fall, but watch the page for updates.

City of Philadelphia’s Web3 jawns

If you’re looking from some basics on Web3, the City actually has a “Blockchain for City Government” page, where it outlines how Philadelphia may be exploring Web3 technologies. It also links to some great introduction resources and national orgs, like the Web3 Foundation. CIO Mark Wheeler told us earlier this month that he sees a lot of potential for blockchain tech in government.

‘What blockchain & cryptocurrency mean for the impact world and you’

During ImpactPHL’s Total Impact Summit in May, speakers will talk blockchain, crypto, its value and its environmental impact during the session “Decentralized disruption: What blockchain & cryptocurrency mean for the impact world and you.”

“There’s more to understand about the current infiltration, implications and opportunity of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the field of impact investing,” the event page says. (Here’s a taste of what that might mean.)

And not Philly, but still useful:

Blockchain Basics

This hour-long, high-level blockchain overview includes potential use cases for anyone from finance folks to entrepreneurs. It’s part of an MIT open course from 2018; CIO Wheeler is a fan.

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