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Watch: What is chaos engineering, and how does it work in practice?

Vanguard site reliability engineer Christina Yakomin on how her team developed their own custom resilience testing tool.

Christina Yakomin. (Photo via

Chaos engineering is sometimes referred to “fault injection” or “breaking things on purpose” — but really, you should think of it as “resilience testing,” says Christina Yakomin.

At her Developers Conference session on the topic, the Vanguard site reliability engineer outlined how her team within the Malvern-based investment management company experiments on its software systems to ensure they can withstand real threats down the line.

She also dove into how Vanguard developed its own custom chaos engineering tool over a year and a half, rather than buy an existing — and expensive — externally made program.

“We were basically the equivalent of a fledgling startup internally,” Yakomin said.

Watch the full session, slides included, here:

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