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DC Tech Stories: How US Digital Service is working to improve federal government technology

Four members of USDS are the latest guests on the podcast featuring conversations with D.C. technologists.

What do the locals do around here? (Photo by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier)

In the latest episode of DC Tech Stories, the podcast featuring conversations with local technologists goes inside federal government technology efforts.

Host Jessica Bell talks to members of the U.S. Digital Service, including Jordan Kaspar, Kristen Tran, Robbie Holmes, and Aileen Chen. The technologists work within executive branch departments to improve websites and other digital offerings. Departments include Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, Defense, Education, Health and Human Services and the Small Business Administration.

Here are some thoughts on the episode from Bell:

The U.S. Digital Service was alway on my radar for the podcast. I have worked for a few government clients before and am used to the usual groans when talking about the government and tech. I am interested in what are the major blockers to getting better tech in the government, and who are the folks who are on the front lines of making our government services and information more available online.  I also wanted to know more about what life is like for “Obama’s Nerds” under a new administration, particularly one that seems anti-everything Obama. What I found were people who cared deeply about access to services for the American people and who were willing to stay and put in the work under these new circumstances.  Note this was recorded in February 2018 and things change quickly these days so keep that in mind while listening!

Listen below:


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