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This Week in Jobs: Webinars, wellness and wheally cool robots

And "Tiger King," obviously.

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Square peg, round hole

In a crisis, you often learn what is truly important to you. For us, that no longer includes learning how to correctly fold a fitted sheet.

So, farewell how-to videos and sayonara to calling mom for help. This year we free ourselves from the soul-defeating task of making a perfect square from a messy, round rectangular thingy.

There are far more important things to do with our time. Like binging “Tiger King” on Netflix (you knew we were going to bring it up).

To the news!

The News

Last Tuesday, hosted a webinar for growth-stage companies looking to weather the hiring storm throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. CEO Chris Wink talked with local HR pros about everything from managing talent acquisition operations, to transitioning to remote work, to self-care. Then, because we love you even more than Madonna loves rose petals in her “equal” bathtub, we put it all together in a tidy little wrap-up and topped it with a bow. Full audio of the webinar included in the link.


LEON, the Philly-founded employee wellness app, is giving healthcare workers fighting the coronavirus at NYC’s Mount Sinai Hospital 90 free days of access to its fitness services. But before you thought you were off the hook from lacing up those sneaks, there’s something in it for you job seekers too. Guess what it is! Nope, guess again. Nope, guess again. Nope — OK fine, it’s jobs.

Time to check in with the bots. This one made in Delaware by TRIC Robotics (based in Newark), is treating strawberry crops with UVC light instead of pesticides. It’s one small step for agtech, one giant leap for jam.

The Jobs


The End

Well, this is where we leave you … to go listen to Joe Exotic’s best hits (which aren’t even his). Oh world, what is this wild ride you are taking us on?

Happy job hunting, friends.

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