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This Week in Jobs: Love in the time of coronavirus

Pod-distance dating.

(Photo by Holly Quinn)

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Crisis control

Something huge has interrupted society as we know it, and attention must be paid.

Therefore, if you have not yet watched “Love is Blind” on Netflix, we urge you to do so ASAP. It is the social experiment of the year — nay, decade — and if you don’t watch, you’ll be missing out on one of the ripest opportunities to judge 12 love-struck souls ignoring reality in desperation to wear a wedding ring.

This is our chance to join together as one, folks. How else will we get to the bottom of whether or not Cameron is a robot, programmed with 500+ deeply romantic one-liners, but unable to break eye contact, make jokes or stand like a normal human being? Just imagine, if we learn from Jessica’s wine-fueled attempts to steal another woman’s fiance, there’d be no limit to how many Marks we could save from heartbreak down the line.

Do it for Mark!

The News

Today (Tuesday, March 24), is hosting a webinar on how to recruit for growth-stage tech companies during our current global crisis. The lunchtime convo, moderated by CEO Christopher Wink, kicks off at noon until 1 p.m. Don’t miss it!

Looking for work to help tide you over during the pandemic? Pennsauken-based Misfits Market is hiring 100 production associates to help the startup keep up with demand for its organic, imperfect fruits and vegetables subscription service. Hourly rates are up to $16 (from $13). Click the link to read more about the positions and how to apply. Bonus: Read to the end to discover the 100,000 positions Amazon plans to fill, as well.


And for anyone needing tips for embracing that tricky work-from-home lifestyle, here’s a few good pointers from Liz Borchert, cofounder of The Lunch Club 215.

The Jobs

These shops are still launching new positions by the day:

Some other gems on the market:

Remote gigs for the stay-at-home pet parents:

The End

If you do end up watching “Love is Blind,” please include your thoughts in real time on Instagram stories so that we can further connect over this national treasure of a dating show.

Also, if once a week just ain’t enough, you can always check our job board 24/7 at this link.

Happy job hunting, friends. Let us know if you need anything during your quest.

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