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This Week in Jobs: Littering Edition

Cubs, jobs and more.

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Life, Uh, Finds a Way

Even animals are stuck at home with their kids. Last week, Echo the cheetah gave birth to a litter of four cubs at her home in the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia. The first-time mom is being cared for by a team of zookeepers and veterinary staff, even as the institute — which helps to maintain and support the planet’s cheetah population — remains closed to visitors. The shutdowns from COVID-19 can’t stop the circle of life.

And if you need an instant pick-me-up, watch the cubs on the Cheetah Cam.

The News

Can’t get enough TWIJ? Christopher Wink, Philly’s resident BMOC, our very own CEO and probably lots of other cool acronyms, has launched a new weekly web interview series called The TWIJ Show. This week’s premiere episode tackles team messaging during a time of crisis. Tune in via the link.

Whether it’s a Zoom Passover seder or Google Hangouts Easter brunch or another Discord-hosted round of the Jackbox Party Pack (it’s great!), the intangible ether of the internet has nonetheless become the very thing keeping us visually connected to our friends and loved ones. It’s a profound moment in the evolution of our digital lives — and, like anything involving the internet, an enormous opportunity for ne’er do wells. Internet Society’s Katie Jordan talked with about the promise and pitfalls, and the sweeping digital implications of this new internet age amid COVID-19.

Speaking of video, Paul Richards, the chief streaming officer (great title) of PTZOptics has penned a new guide for making the most of your digital gatherings: “The Virtual Ticket: The Event Manager’s Guide to Live Streaming.” “I want people to come away with a strategy on how to gain their audience’s attention, focus, engagement, reaction and eventually a transformation that achieves their goals in virtual events,” Richards said.

Nearly a month into social distancing and we’re all starting to feel like Zoom pros. But that doesn’t mean you can’t brush-up on the basics. Experts in Baltimore offered their video rules to live by, from making sure your hardware is actually working to using the right headphones and mic (pro-tip: AirPods have long had latency issues with MacBooks).

The Jobs


  • A trio of jobs here: Ordway, a billing and revenue automation platform that aims to make it easier to manage subscriptions and contracts, bill, collect and grow revenue at scaling businesses, is hiring a Product Manager, Sales Solution Engineer, and Full-Stack Developer.
  • Now this [chef’s kiss] is a tech posting: Auth0, “a pre-IPO unicorn” where “we never compromise on identity” and “practice radical transparency” and “N+1 > N” is seeking Developer Experience Engineer, SDKs.
  • Lots of jobs here, too: M9 Solution is hiring six Full-Stack Developers for a team working on a three-year federal project award.
  • MindPoint Group is looking for a Splunk SOC Analyst to help manage critical data from across a federal enterprise.


  • Modis in Lutherville-Timonium is hiring a Software Engineer for the Credit Platform team to help build and enhance a suite of tools that allows customers to apply for and use a credit line.
  • The Space Telescope Science Institute (awesome) is looking for a Software Engineer to help support a — deep breath — “multi-petabyte astronomical data archive that maintains Hubble, Kepler, GALEX, TESS and future James Webb Space Telescope JWST and Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) mission data.” Far out.


  • Disys in McLean is hiring a Java Developer for a financial and banking client.
  • General Dynamics in Arlington is seeking a Senior Network Engineer — Juniper and Cisco to help provide IT services to an obscure little agency that totally isn’t in the news right now, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
  • Lear Corporation (automotive components, not Learjets) in Arlington is looking for an IT Specialist.


The End

In other animal news, it turns out city raccoons are getting smarter than ever — and cities, by devising ever more complicated trash containers and door levers, may be inadvertently training the critters. We’re all for free job-training, we just never imagined it would look like this.

Stay on your toes, job seekers. See you next week.


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