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This Week in Jobs: Give yourself a round of applause

You deserve it.

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Down low, too slow

Hey, life is hard. Sometimes you don’t get the job you wanted or win the award you were up for. But don’t lose hope, for even when basketball legend LeBron James is left hanging, he remembers how to stay strong: hive-five yourself.

Although it feels great to gain recognition from others, you don’t need that in order to do great work. Even an MVP can be overlooked from time to time.

The important thing is that you believe in yourself without the accolades — and also that you have long enough arms to pat yourself on the back. So go for it.

And then go for one of the new jobs listed below.

The News

Conshohocken-based ShopRunner — an ecommerce retailer — recently launched a mentorship program for its employees. The twist? Leadership encourages mentees to work with mentors outside of their direct field, so, for instance, technologists can learn soft skills, like public speaking, or get an outside perspective on their approach to problem solving. And hey — it’s hiring! Get your mentorship on by applying here.

What would you do if a health condition threatened your ability to go to work? Since Chris Mosconi’s kidneys have failed (for the second time), he’s taking advantage of advanced technology to salvage his tech career in the face of illness, exhaustion and time-intensive dialysis treatments. On that note, if you’re interested in learning how to become a living kidney donor for Chris, hit us up on the email. You’ll get the joy of saving a life, but also the pleasure of running your fingers through his lush beard in person (and trust us, it’s luxurious).

Gettin’ a little lonesome working from home? Turns out, you’re not alone. AmazonMicrosoftGitHubAirbnb and Automattic all have people working remotely in Philly, and on Dec. 10, two local tech leaders are hosting on a holiday party for all you remote go-getters. Sign up to receive more info on the event here.

The Jobs

First up — curious what it’s like on the other side of this email? Technically Media (that’s us!) currently has two open positions: Marketing Analyst and Marketing and Partnerships Manager. Come on board, we don’t bite — unless you’re holding chocolate.

Delaware Valley’s legendary news provider, The Philadelphia Inquirer, is hiring for a handful of unique roles, including:

Adtech company Vistar Media doesn’t just have a giant dinosaur head sticking out of one of it’s walls, it also has some stellar engineering jobs available:

Custom software company PromptWorks is on the prowl for a couple roles that just might suit an operations or designer’s fancy:

Azavea, a civtech firm that has worked on projects with the U.S. Department of Energy and NASA, is looking for the following role to help build its geospatial data applications:

Citadel Federal Credit Union is hiring a Database Administrator.

Lutron Electronics — an innovator in light control technology — is looking for both a Senior Software Engineer and a Junior Software Architect. You can also apply to be considered for these jobs through our Match program.

And as always, for the remote types:

The End

Thanks for you joining us this week. Feel free to send motivational photos of you high-fiving yourself, patting yourself on the back or whatever other safe-for-work ways you keep your spirits high.

Happy job hunting, friends. See you next time.


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