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This Week in Jobs: Ghosting Edition

Tech roles and things that go bump in the night.

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Ghost Ride the ‘VID

If you feel like something’s watching you, it could be another pair of eyes on your resume. In creaky homes across the country, some Americans are socially isolating — not just with family or roommates — but what one might call “previous residents.”

In these haunted houses, the unexplained includes mysterious footsteps, rattling door knobs and, ahem, “free-floating, full-torso vaporous apparitions.” (And, one suspects, a convenient excuse for that now-empty jar of Nutella.) As The New York Times put it, “Some of these people are frightened, of course. Others say they just appreciate the company.”

You may not be afraid of no ghosts, but watch out for the true horror: a sloppy cover letter. Onto the jobs, hopefully none of which will turn your hair white.

The News

Toronto’s annual Collision Conference normally attracts thousands of attendees from the world’s tech communities. This year, the event is going virtual, and three economic development organizations in Northern Virginia are coming together to help 18 local, early-stage startups attend online. Applications are due this Friday, May 22; details here.

Your sweetgreen harvest bowls and Chipotle burritos were already going cashless, but COVID-19 has accelerated the “contactless” trend where customers can wave a credit card, debit card or smartphone like a wand in front of the point-of-sale (debitus chargus!). That means smaller banks and credit unions will soon need to offer their own tap-to-pay products to meet this new consumer demand. Brad Patterson, an executive at PenFed Credit Union, offers his tips on how to make the most of payment products.

From childcare to shelter, food, career training and jobs, a new one-stop platform is hoping to help those affected by COVID-19 and the financial crisis find the resources they need. OnwardUS, launched in California, has expanded across the U.S. and includes “micro-sites” for residents across the DMV.

The Jobs


  • Guidehouse is seeking a Technical Lead to help expand the consulting firm’s digital service offerings, chiefly through Agile tools and methods.
  • Dev Technology Group, Inc., is hiring a Java Developer.
  • CoStar is looking for a Product Manager to help shape and execute the company’s commercial real estate data and software platform.


  • 14 West in Baltimore is seeking a Network Operations Developer to lead teams responsible for maintaining network standards, security compliance, deployment and data center operational support.
  • SmartLogic in Baltimore is hiring a Developer. The firm is looking for engineers who can handle the whole process, from client communication to implementation.
  • ZoomInfo in Bethesda is looking for a Product Manager to manage the development and prioritization of the company’s internal software tools built to manage product data.
  • High Rez Consulting, Inc., in Bethesda is hiring a Software Engineer, or what it’s also calling a Programmer Level 1.


  • The Scientific Research Corporation, an IT engineering company in Arlington, is seeking a Functional Analyst. Not to be confused with Dysfunctional Analyst.
  • Get amped for this one, if you have watt it takes: The National Electrical Manufacturers Association in Arlington is hiring a Web Application Developer.
  • Ario in Norfolk is hiring a Senior Web Developer.


The End

The Times swiftly noted that “there is no scientific evidence for the existence of ghosts.” A self-described “paranormal researcher,” though, says his reports have doubled. We’ll leave it up to you. Just remember, when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say, “Yes.”

Good luck out there on the job hunt!

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