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This Week in Jobs: Chaotic times, open jobs

Too much TikTok.

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TikTok and ya don’t stop

Remember when “insanity” was just the name of an impossible workout program that you’d never actually witnessed anyone finish?

Well, did you know you can now get the same quality of perpetual stress for free, without ever getting off your couch? It’s called quarantine. And it, too, feels insane.

Here’s how it works. Instead of getting six pack abs, you’ll tackle intense *mental challenges like avoiding the fridge, hiding from your kids and resisting the urge to post TikTok videos that will forever dampen your credibility as a professional — and a dancer.

*Now, we understand the importance of this quarantine as well as the mental health challenges it can pose. We don’t take it lightly. But we also can’t ignore the surge of really embarrassing TikTok videos filling up our social feeds. People need to understand the repercussions of their social media choices during this difficult time. They must be held accountable.


The News

Twist! HealthVerity, a healthcare data company in Center City, isn’t laying anyone off — it’s actually hiring-up even faster. As the company stated, the pandemic has “increased demand for real-time data and technologies that capture the impact of COVID-19 on patient utilization of the healthcare industry at large.” HealthVerity has 20 roles ripe for the taking, so visit its job board and get ‘ta applyin’.

Just like Titanic’s Jack needed Rose to make room for him on the float, we need you to help us with our April reporting. This month’s theme is Healthcare Technologies Month, and we are looking to you for story ideas, organizations we should look into, reports we should read, or experts we should talk to. To give us your best shot, reach out here.

Demand is hotter than ever for the delivery biz, and goPuff is feeling the burn. The company is seeking “thousands” of new drivers, technologists and field employees across the U.S., including Philly, so if you’re in need of work to tide you over during the pandemic, check out all of the roles here.

The Jobs

Data, and UX, and sales and marketing, oh my!

Digging this ‘work-from-home’ thing? Go remote full-time:

The End

Well, it’s back to the couch for now. At least you have plenty of jobs to look into from your cushiony throne. And remember, we’re all living in this weird new reality together. Any feelings or candy binges you might have are normal — in fact, we’re having both right now.

Happy job hunting, friends. See you next week.

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