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Inclind and Del Tech are teaming up to retool this nonprofit’s website

As part of a three-way partnership, devs from Inclind are mentoring Del Tech students as they makeover the website of local nonprofit, La Esperanza.

The Sussex County courthouse in Georgetown. (Photo by Flickr user Eric B. Walker, used under a Creative Commons license)

Three web development majors from Delaware Technical Community College have been tasked with redesigning the website of a local Sussex county nonprofit. Georgetown Drupal development firm Inclind is overseeing the undertaking.
A three-way partnership between a local college, a nonprofit and a private company? It just might be the ultimate trifecta. Plus, they’ve got a social mission.
La Esperanza, the nonprofit undergoing a digital makeover, is a Hispanic community center servicing the growing Spanish-speaking immigrant community in Sussex County. The nonprofit assists Spanish-speaking immigrants with understanding social, educational and legal services.
The organization’s old website was too difficult for their constituency to navigate.
“They are the access point and bridge to all the services a person may need,” said Dr. Ileana Smith, Del Tech’s campus director and a member of La Esperanza’s board.
Though the students report directly to their Inclind mentors, the oversight is structured loosely enough to allow the students to see the project through themselves, from start to finish. The goal is to modernize the site and improve accessibility.
So far, they’re doing a great job.
“Unlike an internship where we’re placing one student with an employer, this is an example of a team project that can be used in our courses,” said Smith. “It’s project-based. It’s a real-world project, unlike an internship.”
The Del Tech students deliver progress reports to both the client and Inclind on a weekly basis. Smith said the model is sustainable and capable of being mimicked in other departments.
The partnership benefits all parties. The college provides students with the opportunity to complete a professional (and impactful) project, La Esperanza is capable of delivering quality service to its constituency and Inclind gets to scout new talent.
The agency has been very active with the college as of late. Two Inclind developers are currently helping Del Tech bring its web development program up to speed. With this partnership, it would seem Inclind is determined to push broader southern Delaware towards technological progress.
“The community is very proud of Inclind and their success as a leading technology company,” Smith said. “This is a wonderful example of how a company can give back to its community.


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