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Baltimore undergrads boldly go into Tricorder XPRIZE finals

Team Aezon's health IT device aims to be the real-life version of the Star Trek "tricorder."

The first component of Team Aezon's system is a portable unit that reads disposable test cartridges. (Photo courtesy of Team Aezon)

A group of Johns Hopkins University undergrads is one of 10 finalists in a $10 million competition to reach the final frontier of health IT.
Team Aezon is vying for the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE.
The challenge tasks groups with creating a real-life version of the Star Trek tricorder, a gizmo that could diagnose 15 different conditions and diseases. In March, the group of 30 students cleared the preliminary round.

Actual science not included. (Photo by Flickr user Joe Haupt, used under a Creative Commons license)

Aezon’s system includes a vitals monitoring unit (developed by Aegle), a lab box (produced with Philadelphia’s Biomeme), a smartphone app and some cloud storage. It can screen for ailments including strep throat and urinary tract infections then advise patients on how to treat the condition. Test data is securely stored online, where patients and doctors can access it.
Aezon is the only undergraduate team in the competition. The final round of judging starts next March, with winners announced in January 2016.

Companies: Aegle / Biomeme / Qualcomm / Bio-Rad Laboratories
Projects: Team Aezon

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