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SpeakerBlast web app lets you play the same audio from multiple devices [VIDEO]

Technically Baltimore spoke with Ryan Spahn, one of the developers behind the app that lets you stream the same audio file at the same time across devices.

The SpeakerBlast web app allows people to play the same audio file simultaneously from multiple devices connected to the Internet, including iPhones, PCs and Macs. It’s available for iOS 6 devices and the Google Chrome web browser, with plans to make it available on the Android OS soon.
Technically Baltimore spoke with Ryan Spahn, one of the developers behind the app.
TB: How big is the team behind SpeakerBlast?
RS: We are a team of five including myself. We have been working together for the past three to four years. Over time I hired the team as consultants to help me build Sleep.FM: The Social Alarm Clock. That was some time ago and throughout the years we have become friends who enjoy building products/services on the web together. We all live in different cities and states. Some of us have met in real life.
TB: What programming was done to develop SpeakerBlast?
RS: SpeakerBlast is a responsive web app, utilizing HTML5, CSS3 and the latest JavaScript APIs, along with a PHP back-end.
TB: Is it free?
RS: Yes, and in time we will insert audio ads to generate revenue similar to Pandora. Furthermore, we will test out other avenues of revenue, like partnerships.
Watch a demo video of how SpeakerBlast works:

TB: SpeakerBlast hasn’t launched yet, so when do you plan to launch it?
RS: Crazy soon! We are thinking Apple may put this feature in the upcoming iPhone, as Samsung just built a similar feature in their latest Galaxy, the S4, though that is only a guess.
But even if Apple launched their own similar service, we feel this product is best suited for the web. A multi-platform web app where you send your friends a link to join your SpeakerBlast is a better experience then forcing everyone to have the same phone.
TB: You were in a DreamIt Ventures accelerator class, right?
RS: Our first startup, Sleep.FM, is a DreamIt 2008 alum. With Sleep.FM we were fortunate to get a considerable amount of attention, but couldn’t get the product out fast enough due to personally having zero tech skills then, nor having built out the team. I have never worked for another Internet startup company before.
TB: What’s your day job?
RS:I do front-end development, design and skinning CMS (WordPress, Expression Engine) contract work for various agencies in and around Baltimore and surrounding counties.
TB: Where’d you grow up, and where do you live now?
RS: I grew up in Towson and now reside in Bel Air.

Companies: Apple / DreamIt Ventures / Google

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