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Soulfill: mobile audio game asks you to make eye contact on the El

Yeah, we know, it sounds a little creepy (or "fairly creeptastic," as developer Jason Marziani puts it). There's something human about it that's nice though, too. It's part game, part social experiment.

Waiting for a train at SEPTA's Jefferson Station. (Photo by Flickr user Kyle Gradinger, used under a Creative Commons license)

Soulfill is an audio game for iOS that you play by making eye contact with strangers.

Yeah, we know, it sounds a little creepy (or “fairly creeptastic,” as developer Jason Marziani puts it). There’s something human about it that’s nice though, too. It’s part game, part social experiment.

Built by South Philadelphia game developer Marziani of Little Wins for the 48-hour Global Game Jam, Soulfill was created with the subway in mind: what kind of game would help you pass the time while waiting for the El? And could that game encourage some type of contact with strangers?

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There’s no images that accompany Soulfill, just narration (dark, creepy narration at that) that encourages you to make eye contact and record each experience in the game.

The Global Game Jam 2014 took place at the Philly Game Forge coworking space and at Drexel in December. If you want another chance at local gaming events, check out this weekend’s GameLoop unconference.

Companies: Little Wins LLC

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