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Ticketleap launches ‘Selfie Tickets’: use your face as your ticket

Ticketleap believes that tickets are for humans, not robots. Snap a photo of yourself and use it as a ticket.

Ticketleap's Selfie ticket. (Image courtesy of Ticketleap)

Tickets are for humans, not robots.

That’s the thinking behind Ticketleap’s new “Selfie Tickets.” Attendees snap photos of themselves and their faces, rather than barcodes, become the tickets.

Try it here.

Selfie Tickets are part of what CEO Tim Raybould is calling “the new Ticketleap.” The new Ticketleap focuses on treating event goers like humans, rather than transactions, according to a company statement

The transformation began when Raybould took over for founder Chris Stanchak. Raybould’s team kept noticing that people weren’t using Ticketleap’s tools.

“We’d go to a Ticketleap event and no one would be scanning tickets at the door with the hot new iOS app we built,” the statement said. “They didn’t have a problem with app, they just weren’t using it. Somehow it didn’t fit them.”

That was because event organizers didn’t want to make attendees feel like transactions, Ticketleap said. They’ve organized their new tools, like their event page designs and the Selfie Tickets, around this philosophy.

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