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Help these Science Leadership Academy students release their first video game

A trio of 17-year-olds built an addictive two-player game where you can either be the bug or the flyswatter.

Paisley Games — left to right: August Polite, Tobi Hahn and Josh Berg — showed off "Swat Team" at the Philly Tech Week 2015 kickoff event, Arcade @ Dilworth. (Photo by Juliana Reyes)

The Science Leadership Academy students behind Paisley Games are angling to launch their first video game.
It’s a two-player PC game called Swat Team, where one player acts as a bug, who’s trying to capture and eat smaller bugs, and the other acts as the flyswatter. We played it at the Arcade @ Dilworth kickoff for Philly Tech Week presented by Comcast and it was really fun, even though Paisley Games developer Tobi Hahn was ruthless, swatting us pretty quickly every time.
Help Paisley Games release Swat Team by voting for it on Steam. (It’s one way that the gaming platform chooses which games to release.)
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The trio, all 17, built the game for the Ludum Dare game jam back in December — except they had to skip much of the last day, a Monday, because they had school. They’ve been working on it since then. Hahn, a self-taught developer, built the game in Unity. Team member August Polite was in charge of art and Josh Berg did the music.

When we asked if they’ve been working on the game at school, the crew told us no, not in any official capacity, at least, like through a class. But they’ve been using the laptops they get at school to work on the game (every Science Leadership Academy student gets one) and sometimes, Berg said, they’ll work on the game while they’re supposed to be doing something else in class.
“I’ll admit to doing things I shouldn’t be doing at school,” he said.

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