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Learn stuff, have fun at these 11 top-notch #PTW17 Dev Talks

Probably one of the best professional development opportunities Philly Tech Week 2017 presented by Comcast has to offer. Wednesday, May 3, get on it.

Join us, we don't byte.

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Join us during Philly Tech Week 2017 presented by Comcast for an afternoon of high-level dev talks. It’s a chance to learn how to be a better technologist, and really, who doesn’t need that?

We have over 15 speakers joining us this year, sharing real-world tips on various programming languages and frameworks. One twist: It’s a choose-your-own-adventure format. What does this mean, you ask? Simple.

We will have three rooms with different foci in each room, and you will have the opportunity to hop from one room to the next between the talks (you don’t literally have to hop, you can just walk, fyi). Kinda a bit like a Barcamp-style event, but not, since all of the topics are already chosen.

Here’s what each room will focus on:

  • Tactical (this includes talks on live-coding and company case studies)
  • Process (talks on project management and cleaning code)
  • Big Ideas (a mix of the newest and most innovative concepts happening in the dev community)

It’s a top-notch professional development (and networking!) opportunity for one heckuva price.

Get tickets ($20)

Here’s our current list of what you’ll learn and who you’ll learn it from:


  • RevZilla supercharges analytics in AWS using Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud with Matt Kull, CEO at RevZilla
  • Livin’ on the edge: Increasing web application performance through edge caching with Jason Matthews, Senior Solutions Architect at Turn5, Inc.
  • Xamarin fits Native with Dave Voyles, Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, and Tarika Chawla, Software Developer for
  • Visual Regression Testing: How Could You Be So Sure? with TJ Nicolaides, Director, Development, Think Company

Process (trust it)

  • Lessons Learned While Migrating a Legacy Application with Amanda Li, Tech Lead and Software Engineer at Venmo
  • Better development through documentation: How proper requirements changed our lives with Frank Lee, Director of Back End Development at The Archer Group
  • Cost in the Cloud: Designing for the Dollar Dimension with Tom Sprows, Software Engineering Manager at HomeNet

Big Ideas

  • SIMPL – A Python/Django/React framework for creating simulations with Jane Eisenstein, Senior Applications Developer, and Joseph Lee, Senior Technical Project Manager, at Wharton’s Alfred West Junior Learning Lab
  • A Health Hack: Optimizing Your System for Performance with Timothy Wenhold, CTO at Power Home Remodeling
  • Developing the Future of Civic Engagement with Pat Woods, Communications Lead at Code for Philly
  • Making TV Mobile with [heart emoji] in Philadelphia with Sean Brown, Executive Director, Advanced Applications Engineering at Comcast

So like would you really wanna miss out on this??? See ya there, friends.


Dev Talks are part of the PTW17 Dev Conference, which also includes our Dev Workshops (which are beginner, intermediate and advanced level workshops for both JavaScript and Ruby) as well as our Dev Happy Hour (which is a way for you to network and have some brews with the community).

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