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What are you building? Tell us for Software Trends Month 2022

This September, the newsroom will be digging into the tech stacks of the moment.

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This editorial article is a part of Software Trends Month 2022 of's editorial calendar. This month’s theme is underwritten by Spotify. This story was independently reported and not reviewed by Spotify before publication.

What programming language do you love using so much, you’d defend it until your last breath?

Stack Overflow identified the most beloved languages of the moment as Rust, Elixir, Clojure, TypeScript and Julia. We know from our reporting that several of those have their own legions of local fans.

Meanwhile, which is most likely to get you a job?

Per the latest Dice Tech Job Report, among the most in-demand skills according to job posting volume are SLQ, Python, Java, JavaScript and C#. By job post growth, the up-and-coming skills are cloud computing, TypeScript, Go and R.

Stack Overflow’s list of most popular languages doesn’t stray too far, naming JavasScript, HTML/CSS, SQL, Python, TypeScript and Java.

Taking cues from past editorial calendar themes such as Software Development Month 2020 and Tech Stacks Month 2019, September 2022 is’s Software Trends Month. Look for extra reporting on companies’ tech stacks, app- and platform-building resources, and newly in-demand skills, as well as technical careers and hiring shifts.

We’ll be asking: What programming languages are most popular, needed and anticipated? What’s the future of the cloud, app building and no-code software development? What cool dev projects are local pros working on? What does “digital transformation” mean these days? What’s being built in the metaverse, and how?

This month, more than usual, we don’t just want to talk to the flashy tech startups. If you’re a CTO or VP of engineering at a 20-year-old, decidedly-not-flashy-but-still-tech company, we want to hear from you: What are you working on? Why does your team build with the languages and frameworks it does? How have you seen software trends shift over your career?

Of course, if you’re not a CTO or VP and are just passionate about any of these topics, we still want to hear from you this month. Moreover, we want your ideas for what we should cover.

Are you an expert we should talk to, or do you know of one? Is there a report we need to read to better explain this topic? Want to write a first-person guest post about your relevant experience, or to share some resources? Let us know:

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P.S. Nominations for’s 2022 RealLIST Engineers are open through EOD Thursday, Sept. 8. Tell us who you see as the most influential technologists in your network:

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