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Here’s what Philly’s dev talent pipeline looks like

At our NET/WORK tech jobs fair in February, we asked job seekers about their skills, earnings and what they're looking for from a career in tech. Here's what our dataset looks like, so far.

A map of NET/WORK attendees. The blue markers represent tech companies that participated, and the red markers represent job seekers who attended. (Map by Peter Erickson)

We’ve talked about it, written about it and podcasted about it. Twice. Finding tech talent is tough. There’s a shortage in the country — Philadelphia included — and a steady infusion of technical workers is necessary for Philly to grow as a tech hub.
But what does the pool of prospects that area companies hire from actually look like?
What skills do our city’s recent college graduates possess?
And what about knowledge workers who are currently employed but looking for new opportunities? What size company do they want to work for? Where in the region do they want to work?
At our second annual NET/WORK tech jobs fair, we probed for answers.
We randomly surveyed 75 of the event’s 400 attendees, whose current earnings range from $30,000 to over $100,000, to find out where their skills lie and what they’re looking for from a career in tech. Keep in mind: while we promoted the event across the region, NET/WORK drew a healthy portion of attendees from students and professionals in the city.
This is a living, breathing dataset we want to continue building it. Help make this data an even more reliable reflection of the Philly tech community by answering a few questions here. You don’t need to be on the job hunt to respond.
Here are our findings thus far, visualized:

In our haste to put together a survey for NET/WORK, we accidentally omitted Java from this list. If there are any questions or additional choices you think should be added to the survey, please let us know. Oh, and don’t forget to help build the data set by taking the survey.//


While we promoted the event across the region, NET/WORK drew a healthy portion of attendees from universities in West Philly, which may account for a bit of survey bias.

Startups are hot. But our data says most of Philly’s dev pipeline is looking to work for a mid-sized company between 30-150 people.

This earnings data shows the pipeline is spread across all salary levels, with 38 percent making $50,000 or less, 34 percent making $60,000-$90,000 and 28 percent making $100,000 or more.


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