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More than 50 tech companies are hiring at NET/WORK. Meet 3 looking for devs

Our tech jobs fair is back at the Fillmore Philadelphia on Tuesday, Feb. 26. Here’s a quick preview of three companies that will be there.

A past NET/WORK event. ( file photo)

This is a sponsored post featuring three companies that our supporting our NET/WORK tech jobs fair on Feb. 26.

NET/WORK takes the tedious, time-consuming, nerve-racking parts out of job hunting and opts for a simpler method: Show up, connect with awesome companies, (hopefully) walk away with an offer. Easy, right?

In fact, to make the experience that much more streamlined for you, we’ve even highlighted a few of the now-more-than-50 hiring companies joining us on Feb. 26. Print your resume and grab a cup of La Colombe (courtesy of Guru) on the way in.

To help you build your plan of attack on Tuesday, here’s a look at just a few companies you’ll want to meet first.

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Linode is a developer and engineer’s playground with flexible hours and products that directly impact the tech community at-large. This cloud hosting solution company helps fellow devs simplify their storage needs for small and medium businesses as well as enterprise companies. But it’s not just about B2B success for Linode — it’s about “providing infrastructure for innovation,” said Tory Kulick, VP of operations and security.

“At Linode we have a set of core values,” he said. “We work for our customers and each other, we work together towards one common purpose.”

The team is actively looking to expand product development with a focus on Python, Go, Kubernetes and Infrastructure as Code.


Since its launch in September 2015, Guru’s fast-growing team doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. In fact, the company’s speedy intuition is what makes their brand so successful in the world of enterprise software.

“Using AI, Guru suggests relevant knowledge to you in real-time without you having to search for it,” said Greg Kristofor, talent acquisition consultant for Guru. “By empowering revenue teams in-context with the knowledge they need to respond to customer questions, they can stop spending time hunting down information and instead focus on what matters most: customers.”

Basically, they know what you want before you know what you want. Maybe that’s how they knew to bring La Colombe to the party.

The Guru team is currently looking for fellow dog-loving engineering managers, data scientists, product managers, product marketing managers and partnership managers to join their team.

Chariot Solutions

Have a knack for solving problems? Chariot Solutions isn’t just the company that businesses (big and small) keep on speed dial when they need a more responsive website or sleek mobile app, it’s the company they call for what’s next.

Chariot’s team is smart, and the work is challenging (in a good way). Recruiting Manager Gina Rappaport told us that they’re always looking for the best engineers in the region.

“We’ll hire someone who is the right fit for us even if we don’t have an opening especially for them,” she said.

Chariot Solutions has immediate openings for mobile developers and backend Java developers, but encourages any interested candidate who shares their values to stop in to see them at NET/WORK. Plus, Chariot will be leading a workshop on do’s and don’ts for resume writing, the interview process, and what it takes to land a job.

Find your dream job. RSVP for NET/WORK Philly hbspt.cta.load(2084427, ‘1c772cee-56ed-4000-9c9e-527680893d3e’, {});

Companies: Linode / Chariot Solutions
Projects: NET/WORK

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