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Why Love Park Robotics works out of NextFab Studio [NPR]

Tom Panzarella (right) runs Love Park Robotics out of NextFab Studio.

NextFab Studio makes Tom Panzarella‘s small startup seem big.

That’s one reason the founder of Love Park Robotics chose to base his company at the South Philadelphia makerspace. He┬átold NPR:

“You’re not these two guys in a garage building a robot, right. You have your 21,000-square-foot production space; the boardroom here is really nice if we need to have meetings,” he says. “We look a lot more established than we really are.”

Makerspaces are cropping up in Burlington, Vt., Somerville, Mass. and Columbus, Ohio, NPR reported.

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Love Park Robotics develops software that can drive wheelchairs.

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