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This tech reporter tried her hand at actually doing tech things

And by “tech things” I mean a full day of HTML/CSS. Here's what I learned, along with some resources for fellow beginners.

Students code away at the Horn Program's Venture Development Center.

(Photo by Lindsay Podraza)

As Delaware’s lead reporter, I love writing about the First State’s tech scene. It’s always interesting — in many ways, it’s exciting — and I find myself constantly learning.
But here’s a little secret: I’m not, nor have I ever been, a tech person. My background is in newspapers, and the majority of my experience was covering crime and breaking news.
So after spending the past several months writing about so-called tech people and all of their cool projects and endeavors, my interest was piqued enough to check out Girl Develop It’s full day of HTML/CSS coding class this weekend.

Here’s what I learned:

  • First off, I have a lot more admiration for coders. Because wow, there is a heck of a lot of knowledge and skill that goes into coding, and I really respect people who can create so much innovation by starting with a blank text editor. (We, btw, used Sublime.)
  • Girl Develop It knows what’s up: It’s great to be in an all-women environment when you’re learning this stuff. Everyone was supportive and helpful with one another, and I wasn’t afraid to ask questions. (I asked a ton of questions.)
  • It’s exciting to learn a new skill, and I’m not alone: The classroom’s age range was wide, and the backgrounds of the women were just as varied — from ladies looking for career changes to some who wanted to keep up with their kids to those who were simply curious about what this whole coding thing is about.
  • This is gonna require some repetition. One class does not a coding master make. I nailed some of the basics, but I have a long way to go (absolute positioning … explain that again?!).

A screenshot of my handiwork. The top header is definitely a misnomer.

A screenshot of my handiwork. The top header is definitely a misnomer. (Screenshot)

It is a start though, and I’m looking forward to tinkering with it and learning more. The organizers at GDI are helping move the practice process along with a Code & Coffee Study Group session the evening of May 16 at 1313 Innovation.
This weekend’s instructor, Elizabeth Cottrell, also had a bunch of great recommendations for furthering coding education:



Reference (aside from Google)


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