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Listen to the Tor Project’s Kate Krauss talk internet privacy on WHYY’s Radio Times

Kate Krauss takes to the airwaves to explain what's at stake when it comes to privacy on the internet.

WHYY master control.

(Photo by Flickr user Mary Beth Hertz, used under a Creative Commons license)

Kate Krauss, the Tor Project’s first director of communications, was on WHYY’s Radio Times talking about internet privacy this week. We profiled Krauss on July 16.
Listen to the episode below. Krauss starts around 13:55. (There’s also a DuckDuckGo shoutout.)
It gets a little heated at 32:51, when the very first caller asks Krauss to respond to allegations that Tor “has a back door to the NSA.” (It does not, Krauss says. “We feel very strongly that we are completely independent and that we will never, never accept a back door.”)

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