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At NET/WORK Philly 2015, our take on the jobs fair. (Photo by Neal Santos)
By taking a five-minute survey, you can help us paint an accurate picture of the region’s tech talent.
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From developer interview strategies to our recent NET/WORK event in Baltimore, we’re always interested in following how technical expertise grows and develops in our communities.

Why? Well, it’s no easy feat to build a vibrant tech scene — technical recruiting is one of the biggest challenges for most entrepreneurs and business leaders, and we’ve heard again and again how a shortage of talent across the country is one of the biggest barriers to innovation.

So it’s special when we come across a community that acts as both a technology powerhouse and a place for incredible talent to converge — and we think you represent that exact type of network.

  • We want to learn from you, and in the process build a reliable reflection of the local tech scene.
  • What kinds of skills do you and your peers possess?
  • What does the overall talent pool for your city look like?
  • What opportunities are knowledge workers looking for in your area? What kinds of companies do they want to work for?

Currently, we are seeking talent input from our readers to build out a living, breathing dataset for all the skills and resources that characterize the area around us. Help make this dataset an even better representation of your community by answering a few quick questions here. You don’t have to be on the job market to contribute.

Projects: NET/WORK

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