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Design the commute of the future and win $10,000 in prizes

Think you can improve urban mobility? Prove it at this June 27 event. It's jointly organized by TrafficCast and

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Everyone at one point has complained about transportation: rush-hour traffic, delays on SEPTA, PATCO shutdowns, you name it. But how can we continue to make transportation (and our lives) run more smoothly and avoid the day-to-day chaos of the dreaded commute?

An upcoming event organized in partnership with TrafficCast International is seeking solutions. Following a mini pitch competition, we’ll dole out $10,000 in prizes for various winners who share their brilliance.

TrafficCast is one of the leading traffic data and technology companies in North America. It supplies information to almost every traffic or navigation source you encounter (apps, web, dashboard navigation, TV, radio, etc.) and strives to leverage its technology and data intelligence to get travelers to their destinations safer and faster — while minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

The upcoming challenge is seeking fresh designs and innovative ideas to power a consumer-facing mobility solution for commuters and daily travelers.

  • Individuals or teams can pitch their ideas, but must do so by Wednesday, June 20. Finalists will be selected in advance to pitch your idea in-person at the June 27 event.

Everyone is welcome to attend to network with like-minded individuals and listen to the pitch concepts day-of. Drinks and refreshments will be provided.

More information about how to submit a pitch idea is on the way, but in the meantime, register to attend so we can alert you when the form goes live. Any other questions can be directed to


Information about the challenge

Market size:

  • U.S. Vehicle Registrations: 269 million
  • U.S. Licensed Drivers: 222 million
  • U.S. Daily Commuters: 143 million, 86% drive = 123 million, 76% drive alone = 94 million
  • U.S. Average Commute time to work: 26 minutes
  • U.S. Miles Driven in 2016: 3.22 trillion miles
  • U.S. Motor Vehicle Deaths in 2016: 37,461
  • U.S. Distracted Driver Deaths/Injuries in 2016: 3,450/391,000

Questions to help ideate your pitch:

  • What kind of tool would be helpful for your daily travels? What features should it include?
  • How can we best balance driving centric features with driver safety and mobile distractions?
  • What can we do to differentiate from other similar apps?
  • What would make users switch from other similar apps?
  • What can we do to drive adoption?
  • What can we do to drive daily use?

Some keywords to trigger thought:

  • Drivers
  • Daily Commuters
  • Location Based
  • Personalization
  • Community
  • Content
  • Distracted Driving

Here are data-points that you can leverage in your design. You don’t have to use all of them.

Available Traffic Data and Design Opportunities:

  • Maps
  • Road Flow Data (Red, Yellow & Green Roads)
  • Speed Data
  • Incident Data (location based feed of accidents)
  • Construction Data (location based feed of construction items)
  • Location Data
  • Address Data
  • Market Roadway Data
  • Routing Data / Navigation
  • Driver Accelerometer Data (Driver Safety Performance Data)
  • Roadway Camera Data
  • Text to Speech & Voice Control
  • Media Content Delivery and Ingestion: (Audio / Photos / Video)
  • Accident Tips / User Generated Traffic Reports
  • User Data
  • Community Data
  • Notifications
  • Event Data
  • Calendar Data
  • Usage Learning
  • SDK / API Integrations
  • 3rd Party App or Device Tie-Ins
  • Driver Route Tracking
  • Transit Information Data (bus, rail, ferry…)
  • Historical Traffic Data (seasonal, time of day, weather, events…)
  • Predictive Traffic Data
  • Weather Data
  • Traffic Signal Data (as you approach, i.e. “Slow down, the light is about to turn red.”)

The submission form will be announced soon, so keep an eye on our events page for more information.


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