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BurnAlong’s app will read your heart rate using your phone’s camera

BurnAlong Facial Metrics is seeking to make vitals that may come from a wearable device now accessible through a smartphone.

Pikesville-based BurnAlong is out with new feature for its mobile app that provides a heart rate reading from a phone camera.

BurnAlong Facial Metrics is designed to provide data that might come from a wearable device. Co-CEO Daniel FreedmanĀ said it can help open up access to that data.

“We kept hearing from people that they need to know their heart rate — whether it’s to optimize their workout or to monitor their stress level — but most people don’t have access to a wearable device. Only 20% of the population has one. This gives everyone the data instantly,” Freedman said.

Through the feature, BurnAlong’s app uses a smartphone’s front-facing camera to take vitals using a facial scan. Along with heart rate, it provides readings of oxygen level and respiratory rate.

The readings are taken from a point just above a person’s cheekbones, and is not recording people or looking at their eyes, Freedman said.

The facial metrics are an added featured to the health and wellness classes offered by the 18-employee company through its platform. It offers on-demand fitness classes, and video technology that allows folks in different places to work out together. The RealLIST Startups 2019 honoree gained traction working with companies and municipalities who in turn offer the platform to employees.

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