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This guy put together a helpful curriculum for MOOCs on big data analytics

Suketu Patel did a bunch of research on the best online courses, and shared his findings.

Suketu Patel is confident big business is going in the direction of big data — because why wouldn’t companies make decisions based on cold, hard facts?
Patel, who lives in West Chester and has worked in Wilmington, is looking to make a career change from the business and IT side of technology to big data.

Suketu Patel.

Suketu Patel. (Photo via LinkedIn)

He thought a good start would be taking an analytics course at the University of Delaware, but he ended up having to simultaneously take a statistics class to keep up.
After that, Patel wanted to better understand the concepts and keep learning, so he dove into the world of MOOCs, or massive open online courses. There are thousands of them.
Patel understands that navigating MOOCs, and worthwhile ones at that, can be challenging. He’d know, since he did it himself. But he was determined.
“I did a lot of research,” he said. “I went through a lot of classes’ online syllabi and video clips and previews.”
Aside from learning all about how to work with big data analytics, Patel decided to share his hard work with the world by putting together a curriculum on a website listing the most helpful big-data related MOOCs he took.
He’s broken down the classes on Coursera into two main sections, and they’re taught by professors from the University of Michigan, UC San Diego and Johns Hopkins University. Aside from an in-person class at UD, the classes cost $79 each, and it should be noted that the shortest class takes four weeks to complete.
His high-school age son, Patel said, will take the Python section of classes this summer and perhaps do the big data section, which covers Hadoop platform tools, the next.
“I think I have a winning formula here,” he said. He certainly hopes it helps others: On the website, he writes, “Best wishes for a bright future using Big Data technologies.”


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