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Office Trends Month 2019

In December 2019, Technical.ly took a look at how and where we work together, including the physical offices, the cultural dynamics and best practices for motivating collaboration, impact and growth. Think: What do office environments of today look like and how do the people in them operate more effectively?

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Technical.ly Coverage

Jan 23 8:20am

How the history of Linode HQ inspires its employees

Jan 2 11:22am

Inside Taoti Creative’s evolving, super-customized Barracks Row office space

Dec 20 1:36pm

Technical.ly is heading home for the holidays

Dec 20 9:00am

Here’s how 3 companies designed (and deal with) their open office layouts

Dec 20 8:26am

Industrious inked a deal to bring another one of its coworking locations to DC

Dec 19 10:11am

MIXER is bringing its first US luxury coworking location to DC next year

Dec 17 2:52pm

DC is the 8th largest market for flex office space in the US: report

Dec 12 7:43am

Building conference rooms for the future

Dec 11 6:23pm

Office moves: A look at 2019’s biggest Baltimore tech workspace news

Dec 6 4:12pm

Here’s your complete 2020 guide to coworking in Delaware

Dec 6 4:06pm

PwC signed a lease for a DC office that spans more than 180K square feet

Dec 6 11:53am

1on1: Marketing pro Ashley Bernard and UX designer Alex Lash talk digital nomadism

Dec 6 10:12am

A coworking space is coming to Main Street in Bel Air

Dec 5 5:25pm

The ultimate 2020 guide to Baltimore coworking spaces

Dec 5 11:35am

A comprehensive 2020 guide to DC coworking spaces

Dec 4 3:05pm

Here’s your comprehensive 2020 guide to Philadelphia’s coworking spaces

Dec 2 5:28pm

There’s a new coworking space in Wilmington: Meet the Win Factory

Dec 2 2:08pm

Philadelphia named in report of top cities where tech is driving office rents

Nov 21 11:42am

Coworking, culture and workplace hacks: December is Office Trends Month