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Grow PA

Grow PA is an ongoing, statewide initiative, organized byGrow PA was an ongoing, statewide initiative, organized by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, that convened people and organizations throughout Pennsylvania to establish a modern economic growth agenda.

From May 2017 to March 2018 the Chamber partnered with Technical.ly on a solutions journalism project with the goal of telling stories of growth and possibility from across the Commonwealth. The reporting below highlights successes and strategies for economic growth across Pennsylvania, specifically in three key sectors: Infrastructure, health and universities.

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Technical.ly Coverage

Feb 12 11:20am

A coworking space wants to rejuvenate this small Rust Belt city

Feb 2 9:43am

Grow PA: Republican gubernatorial candidates will debate economic policy in Philadelphia

Jan 29 12:45pm

What Gov. Tom Wolf said about #GrowPA

Jan 22 12:21pm

This ‘returning boomerang’ wants to bring the jobs back to Johnstown

Jan 16 12:36pm

Montgomery County Community College has a seed fund

Jan 8 10:46am

Join the Chamber for a conversation with Gov. Wolf

Dec 19 12:58pm

Pa. community colleges are staffing a plant that hasn’t been built yet

Dec 11 12:52pm

Could cadastral blockchains be the answer to Pa.’s economic woes?

Dec 4 11:48am

This lawyer says the Marcellus Shale is back

Nov 20 12:54pm

125 econ dev leaders in Pa. were polled on policy. Here’s what they said

Nov 20 12:39pm

How 4 leaders from across the Commonwealth want to #GrowPA

Nov 13 12:16pm

#GrowPA roundup: Here’s what’s happening across the state

Nov 13 10:41am

Pennsylvania’s struggling rural broadband is about to lose out on $140 million

Nov 6 12:59pm

How this Temple startup is connecting Pennsylvanians to healthcare in the digital age

Nov 6 9:13am

Robert Morris University is retraining Pittsburgh’s workforce, one company at a time

Oct 31 12:47pm

The local impact of international medicine in Philly

Oct 26 11:31am

Tell us how Pa. can make post-secondary education better

Oct 20 9:58am

Pittsburgh workforce org to get 100 IT scholarships from Google

Oct 13 12:18pm

Widener debuts region’s first robotics engineering degree for undergrads

Oct 11 12:49pm

How should we prioritize healthcare innovation in Pa.?

Oct 9 10:57am

A small Pa. city is getting a startup incubator, thanks to two unlikely partners

Oct 6 11:13am

Solving the vast disconnect between schools and employers

Oct 3 9:47am

How these 4 Pa. companies found success in exporting

Oct 2 12:56pm

Internet, transit, natural gas, oh my: Rank Pa.’s infrastructure priorities

Sep 28 10:44am

This program wants to get ahead of manufacturing’s workforce problem

Sep 25 11:51am

Grovara wants you to be in the export business

Sep 25 10:13am

Pittsburgh startups navigate a brave new world with the same old problems

Sep 22 10:32am

Pennsylvania needs to change. Here’s where we start

Sep 18 10:15am

It’s ‘kind of a mystery’ how Rise of the Rest landed on Central Pa.

Sep 11 12:51pm

Grow PA: Driving economic growth in the Keystone State

Sep 8 11:58am

Healthcare competition thickens in Central Pa.

Aug 28 12:47pm

‘Not your father’s’ factory: How one Pa. county is courting growth

Aug 21 11:25am

PSU pilot will help treat sexual assault victims in 4 rural Pa. towns

Aug 18 10:59am

Regional transit is the missing link

Aug 14 12:55pm

There’s a rumor that the Lehigh Valley could steal Philly’s startup thunder

Aug 7 10:47am

PECO is siphoning pipeline workers from community colleges

Jul 17 10:55am

Don’t squander PSU: Centre County’s #econdev playbook

Jul 10 10:09am

It’s a wonderful life in Indiana County

Jul 7 10:58am

Blair County’s new ‘mountain town’ brand is a draw for young folks

Jun 30 10:55am

Retraining the workforce doesn’t require starting from scratch

Jun 29 8:59am

Can ‘Jobs That Pay’ create jobs that grow?

Jun 23 9:24am

Apprenticeships aren’t just for the building trades anymore

Jun 21 8:48am

Montgomery County Community College wants to be the regional hub for entrepreneurs

Jun 16 10:17am

Housing, not jobs, is holding back growth in Central Pa.

Jun 15 12:58pm

Johnstown is hitching its wagon to Pittsburgh tech

Jun 7 12:58pm

Old county, young workforce? Westmoreland is trying something new

May 26 11:02am

Join us for #GrowPA

May 22 12:59pm

Here’s what employers in Allegheny County can do now to prevent a future workforce crisis

May 4 12:58pm

Gov. Wolf: Pa. ‘shouldn’t be the shrinking violet when it comes to innovation’

Apr 3 9:33am

Chester County ecommerce company Turn5 lands $611K in state grants

Feb 28 12:14pm

Gateway Philly is the City’s latest push to bring suburban companies to town. Will it work?

Jan 20 10:51am

Biggest year to date for Philly KIZ: 36 companies grab $2.4 million in tax credits

Aug 24 12:59pm

This former Hollywood producer moved to Philly and is putting an app together

Sep 2 9:20am

Medical edtech firm DecisionSim raises $1.9M from local investors

Jan 26 12:29pm

If Philly becomes an investment hub, it’s because of these 2 tiny tax changes