Combating Poverty in Philadelphia is a Technical.ly series tracking efforts to reduce Philly's stubbornly high poverty rate. It includes stories first published on Technical.ly's social impact-focused sister site, Generocity.

What does poverty have to do with tech? As a tool, technology can be used to mitigate the effects of poverty. As a career path, tech can help its workers earn a living wage, or grow their wealth. As an industry, tech can boost the economy of a city. Of course, those don't always happen. Here, we're exploring what's being done to make sure it does, locally.

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Civic News

What happens to Philadelphia’s hard-hit anti-hunger system now?

By Erin Flynn Jay

Two years ago, influential nonprofit Philabundance installed new executive director Loree Jones. Facing surging demand, staff turnover and recessionary fear, a new strategic vision launches next month.